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Access Market Square constructed a shopping site on the Internet in March of 1994 and called it Access Market Square (AMS). AMS is a computer mall, where cruisers on the Information Superhighway can stop and shop, pick out gifts, vacations, personal items, services, you name it.

Imagine having the power to display your products and services to these people on their computer screens in full-color, 24-hours a day.

Imagine these millions of people ordering immediately with a few keystrokes.

Imagine these orders arriving at your office in seconds.

Imagine not having to waste time, money, or paper on catalogs that wind up in the trash.

Sound like a fantasy? Not at all. Within a matter of days, Access Market Square can help you too!   

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  Art, Audio-Video, Automotive,               Beer & Wine, Body & Soul, Business Opportunities.

  Clothes, Computers, Electronics, Finance, Food, Health, Home Decor, Internet, Jewelry.

  Music, Novelties, Real Estate, Smoke Shops, Sports, Travel.

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